A1 Leather provides custom leather work with over 50 years of leather work experience

In the 1950’s, BJ began an after school job that turned into a career. He began work in a local welding and machine shop, where he learned some valuable lessons about work and life. First and foremost, do the work right the first time, and stand behind your product. With this simple lesson, BJ has been working in the field of metal fabrication and repair for years.

BJ’s interest in leather began in high school where he learned to carve, took, dye and lace many different types of projects. There were very few fancy tools or catalogs to get materials in those days. He learned how to make his own leather repairs with a pocket knife, punch and nail. Leather and laces for new projects came from local resources and any type of material that could be found.

In the early years, metal working blended with leather crafting. BJ learned the importance of a good pattern, precision joints, and proper bonding.

BJ has never forgotten the early lessons and takes great pride in offering outstanding quality products and repairs.

BJ’s metal art is hand cut without the use of machine or computer.

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